An after-school and weekend extended learning experience to enhance the academic, career and social mobility of male students grades 6th – 12th.

The Kappa League Foundation of Pompano, Florida, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization has established itself as a premier legacy organization bringing African-American males together in a social, cultural, and learning environment.  We provide mentoring, leadership development and critical life skills for transformational leadership to the next generation.  It is our aim to help levy the vast professional relationships we have as a collective to create new public-private partnerships that reflect a true sense of corporate responsibility and the community values we aim to instill in one another.

To provide community empowerment and life-changing engagement from the lease of local professionals who are committed to sharing strong leadership principles that yield long-term positive outcomes within The City of Pompano Beach and adjacent municipalities.

We leverage the power of service learning, STEM education and scholarship initiatives to focus on impacting the underlying issues affecting African American children and families in Pompano, Florida.

Contribute to the Annual Scholarship Fund

Throughout the year KFP offers a variety of team building programs focus on STEAM-learning, college tours, healthy choices and interactive cultural experiences. Our team of professionals who traverse various business sectors and industries is available to introduce the vision of KFP to your school, church or organization.  We offer public speaking, training, and youth building activities year round.  We appreciate any contributions, feedback, or donations you care to offer. A portion of all process is used to fund much-needed equipment and program resources we need to produce successful outcomes.


The Kappa Foundation

Pompano, Florida Chapter

The Kappa Foundation of Pompano Beach (KFP), a charter of one of Broward County’s most historic organizations, are demographically unique in that close to 40% of those residing in the community are African-American. Comprised mainly of Men of Color (MOC), KFP stands in the gap as a beacon of light for underserved communities most impacted by socio-economic and political disparities. Over the past decade, we have created significant change in the lives of local families, with careful attention to the personal development of area young people. We have accumulated a wealth of data and much needed research to improve outcomes for at-risk children.

We recognize the challenges young adults face growing up in diverse, metropolitan communities that have suffered from gentrification throughout the South Florida region, specifically northern Broward County. As a result, recently KFP established a new student chapter, Young Men of Color (i.e. YMOC), to help build peer leadership that will address the adverse issues many have from home to school to the gridiron. This model is steeped in community empowerment and intergenerational activities that leverage the best of Project-based Learning (PBL) activities for innovative engagement.  We strongly believe in the value that stems from local communities finding resolutions to the existing problems of they face, one neighborhood at a time.


Let’s Work, Let’s Play, Let’s Live Together.