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We truly work hard to make an impact on the lives of young people in our community. We understand the many challenges we currently face in America, but it the small things that truly count. Any contribution is truly appreciated. Distribution of funds to this dedicated account will be restricted to providing educational and charitable financial assistance to those deserving of, or in need of such assistance. These recipients will primarily be identified through the Chapters’ educational and charitable programs and activities. Application for disbursements shall be available to the general public including Chapter members and their families and shall not be exclusive to Chapter members only.

Specific uses shall include but not be limited to funding for:

  • Educational scholarships;
  • Training, mentoring and personal development activities;
  • Household and family support for those in need;
  • Economic and/or community development;
  • Donations to other 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations and foundations;
  • Acquisition, renovation, lease or control of any facilities, assets or entities that will be used for charitable and/or educational purposes;
  • Any other educational and/or charitable purposes approved by the Chapter

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