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Lecture Series, College Tours, Service Learning

The Kappa Foundation of Pompano Beach conducts its activity in Pompano Beach and the entire South Florida Community >

By providing the youth opportunities for personal growth and development through college tours and cultural experiences, The Kappa Foundation youth development initiatives operate on a bi-weekly basis with guest speakers from all fields of human endeavor. Youth engage in public speaking activities, community service and charitable work with local partners agencies. We appreciate your support and any contributions in advance.

• To help youth, especially those of high school graduating classes, in their selection of courses leading to vocations compatible with their aptitudes and personalities. • To assist our students with their coursework, with initial employment, and mentoring their progress in their chosen fields.
• To assist parents in advising their children by giving them opportunities to talk over their problems with those who are successful in their chosen vocations.
• To afford youth a respite from the drudgery of the streets, through sponsored entertainment and cultural enrichment.
• To inform youth of the values of higher education; the assistance available for continued educational pursuits such as scholarships, loans, professional counseling, & fellowships; and various occupational and professional opportunities.

• Must be a male student in 6th through 12th Grade
• Must have and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
• Must fully complete Guide Right/Kappa League ProgramAdmission Application
• Must participate in the Guide Right/Kappa League Admission Interview
• Must be willing to attend monthly meetings and participate in program events

A portion of donations are used to fund each activity of The Kappa Foundation, also known as the Kappa League of Pompano Beach. Our seasonal community service activities occur in the respective season.

Fall Season | Spring Season | Summer Season